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R&D Center

PBCOSMETIC development R&D service The Strength of PB's Service

The Strength of PB's Service

The Strength of PB's Service
  • Sharing process know-how from material to finished product level
  • Strict standard on quality control to ensure best quality
  • Prompt response to problems arisen from all services
  • Comprised with an outstanding group of experts in OEM/ ODM fields to satisfy each clients


R&D Center

PBCOSMETIC is one of the most innovative and highly diversified company. We have employed extremely skilled scientists and other scientific professionals who develop the very best cosmetics, personal care products. We have complete in-house laboratories where our scientists research and develop formulations designed to meet your applications and specifications.

Our mission is to challenge the limits and pursue innovative ideas. We have been creating new value for customers in maintaining beauty. We are dedicated to conducting differentiated research activities in order to appeal to the sensibilities of consumers and to implement the effectiveness of products. As a result of our experts' endeavors, our clients recognize the technical capability of PBCOSMETIC. We are devoted to pioneering the world cosmetics market.

  • New cosmetic formulation technology
  • New type of texture formula technology
  • New powder formula technology
  • Scientific research of Korean herbal medicine
  • Fermentation-applied technology

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