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  • Discovery Research and Analysis

    Interview clients, prospects, key influences /
    Review competitive brand and market trends /
    Audit of communication and marketing tools

  • Envision Brand Strategy

    Synthesize learnings /
    Develop Brand strategy, positioning platform /
    Draft brand attributes, key messaging

  • Realization Brand Expression

    Design brand identity /
    Develop marketing communications
    alternative approaches /
    Reach consensus about approaches /
    Develop name /
    Initiate trademark protection

  • PBCOSMETIC Package design
  • PBCOSMETIC Packaging design

    Packaging Design

    Package experts develop innovative and unique designs and packages and offer
    high-quality package options to satisfy customer’s requirements.
    We have a wide range of packaging design options.

    PBCOSMETIC promises post-production processing
    within the time requested by the customer.

  • PBCOSMETIC Package design
  • PBCOSMETIC Package design

PBCOSMETIC Graphic Design Process

Graphic Design Process

Our skilled team of in house designers are here to assist customers in the creation of all areas of graphic design and imagery. As we are experts in cosmetic industry, we possess the knowledge and expertise in all aspects of private label artwork to bring a modern appealing look to your products.
This is just one of the advantages that our customers have when working with OEM companies in creating a new brand or adding to an existing product line.

PBCOSMETIC Graphic Design Process

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